Hotel Amenities

Eco PureTech Trading is a supplier of the following hotel amenities:

Bath and Hand soap (rectangular and round in boxes, eco pack and or in pearlized wrapper

Bath and Bubble gel (30ml & 20ml in white tubes or frosted type tube either in screw cap or in flip top cap.

Shampoo w/ conditioner (30ml & 20ml in white or frosted type tube either in screw cap or in flip top cap)

Hand & Body lotion (30ml & 20ml in white or frosted type tune either in screw cap or flip top cap) also we can supply sachets of Shampoo w/ conditioner at eco pack

Dental Kit in eco pack or in white boxes with laser print embossed for your hotel name and logo
Shower cap in an eco pack/ pouch 

We also supply personalized condiments such as coffee, creamer, white sugar, brown sugar, individually packed wooden stirir, hard straw and bending straw. We could also produce glass coasters of different type (pellon, board backing and or soft tissue with board backing.

All of the above amenities and condiments can either be personalized or in generic. We accept volume orders up to 10,000 pcs each of the item.
For more details contact us or email at:
Landline: 088-881-7866 / 088-881-2954

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