About Us

Eco PureTech Trading is a Philippine registered company engaged in trade and sales of eco-friendly and Biodegradable Hygiene and Housekeeping products designed specifically in industrial and institutional uses.

We guarantee our products of its cost effectiveness and quality. Each products are results from research and development incorporated with the latest development technique in biotechnology. Our products are proven with laboratory tests.

We also specializes on  personalized hotel toiletries and amenities such as bed sheets, towels, mattress protector, pillows, pillow cases, slippers, bathsoap,  shampoo with conditioner, body lotion, bath gel, and shower gel 

Mission & Vision:

We incorporate  advocacy for environmental protection as an integral part of our business philosophy.

In response to the Environment Health and Safety (HSE) protocol, we offer innovative eco-friendly and safe to human hygiene products for every establishment such as hotels, spas,clinic, hospitals, government units, other industrial and business institution.

We strive to be the most preferred company for an alternative to branded products for all hygiene and sanitation solutions.